• Where are the Martins?

    Happy New Year!
    We're having fun learning about our new hobby, RV'ing. I'll be telling you all about it soon.
    We kicked off 2017 with a cruise down Mexico's coast and in March we'll sail from Chile to Argentina around the tip of South America.
    In June we'll be in our beloved Paris.
    Stay tuned for more!

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Listen to an excerpt below:

The gorgeous city with La  Parroquia, a gothic-style church right in the middle next to the jardin.

Our Jubilant Return to San Miguel de Allende

After four years living on the road without a home base we have learned when to push ourselves, when to pull back, and how to recover from the vagaries and pressures of travel.   But sometimes other forces and circumstances take over and even experienced vagabonds like the Martins get caught up in schedules …

Driving up to the house each day never ceased to amaze us.  Just what I'd always imagined a Normandy country house to be.

Notes from Normandy

The moment we committed to spending all of last summer in Paris, which incidentally wasn’t a very hard decision, our precious  friends and owners of …