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    Check out our video for Time, Inc., and Chase Bank! We had so much fun pretending to be actors!

Order Home Sweet Anywhere, read by author Lynne Martin at audible.com!

Listen to an excerpt below:


The Globe-Trotting Gardener

  I am passionate about gardens.  I have sought out and admired massive public displays, royal palace extravaganzas, tiny cottage gardens,  and even lush container gardens in nearly every city I have visited. Gardens speak volumes about the people who made them, so they tell us much about the culture …


Where are the Martins?

I flatter myself by thinking that the following conversation might happen at a cocktail party in Paris, London or Omaha. It would go this way: One guest would say to another, “Hey, do you know what happened to that globe-trotting senior couple from California? Tim and whatshername Martin?


Tamales and Tequila

Come enjoy an evening of fun with our family friends in San Miguel de Allende! Tamale making the authentic way – with laughs and tequila as part of the recipe!