About Lynne

Lynne und Tim Marten - US. Amerikaner die um die Welt reisenIn 2011, my husband Tim and I  our house in Central California’s wine country, gave away the furniture, and stuffed our art, clothes, and small treasures into a 10 x 15 storage unit. We said goodbye to our surprised children and quizzical friends. We lived for almost five years in rented apartments and houses internationally, putting down new roots, one country at a time.

We had no property taxes, roof repairs, or home insurance, so all of our spendable income was used to fund our new way of life. We traveled light, had an appetite for new experiences, and the savvy and flexibility to make ourselves at home in almost any situation.

We lived in Mexico, Argentina. Turkey, France, Italy, England, Germany, Portugal, and Morocco, and after five years without a home base, it was time to make a nest. We built our new home using all we learned about vacation rentals and for several years used it as our home and as a vacation rental while we traveled.

Tim passed away in 2019, and I have retired from being a vacation rental host. My pup Ivy and I love our home in the country on California’s gorgeous Central Coast, and I continue to write and make plans for travel once we conquer this horrific pandemic.

Thanks so much for looking in on my website.  Please let me hear from you.  I love other peoples’ stories!!!