• Happy Holidays, Everyone!


    After a long hiatus, I've returned to my writing hideaway. I hope that you'll follow along as I learn the ropes of being a widowed octogenarian. Tim passed away in 2019 and I'm carving out a whole new way of life. Join me in my journey and an occasional travel tale!
    All the best to you and yours in the coming year that's full of promise for us all.

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Sixty years ago, we were tall, blond knock-outs, and we had a glorious time celebrating life together. When the two of us – Fran at six feet and me at five foot nine – entered a party, everyone knew we had arrived. Many times we were taken for sisters.


Hold My Hand

Billy Erwin was my first boyfriend, and we’re still in touch via FaceBook. We were 14. Billy’s mother drove us downtown to …


Is That All There Is?

The question for this newly widowed, newly octogenarian, newly single woman is what’s next? Or as Miss Peggy Lee so artfully asks, “Is that all there is?” 


Live and Cook Like a Local in France!

Rumors of my being captured by pirates, spirited away to the stratosphere by aliens, or worse, are greatly exaggerated. It’s true that I’ve been buried, not by six feet of soil, but by bushels of fabulous French food!


Solo Travel – It’s Good for the Soul

I loved my stolen afternoon at Filoli for many reasons, but this time, in addition to lifting my heart and spirits with the beauty that always awaits me there, visiting alone gave me a great opportunity to renew my acquaintance with myself.