Live and Cook Like a Local in France!

Rumors of my being captured by pirates, spirited away to the stratosphere by aliens, or worse, are greatly exaggerated. It’s true that I’ve been buried, not by six feet of soil, but by bushels of fabulous French food!

Lynne and Deborah hard at work doing research in a Paris Bistro.

My long-time friend and, respected chef, Deborah Scarborough, and I talked for years over many bottles of good French wine about doing a project together. We explored all kinds of notions and finally came up with the idea of exploring the French’s way with food.  As a result, we spent two years writing, testing recipes, and doing research for Cook Like a Local in France. Our “baby” was published in June by Countryman Press. Early readers love it and we hope you will, too.




Let’s face it, travel is all about eating, so we’ve combined our best travel and food stories, and great recipes in one delicious volume. There are also fifty photos so you can see what your mouth-watering Raspberry Claufouti or your easy Beef Bourguignon will look like when you present it to your lucky guests. You’ll feel as if you’ve owned an apartment on the Seine for years.


Deborah created fifty fabulous recipes designed for vacation rental travelers. They require only basic equipment to get impressive results and are just as much fun to produce at home as they are abroad. There are inspired suggestions for delicious breakfasts, picnics, dinners, and entertaining. We also compiled illuminating glossaries covering wines, fish, poultry, meat, produce, and fish for every region and season. There are even comprehensive lists of food-related festivals held in every corner of the country.

Check out these entries.

Whether you’re planning to stay in a French gite, a Paris pied-a-terre or just be creative in your own kitchen, Cook Like a Local in France  belongs in your cookbook collection. It’s available from all book sources and you can take it along in your ebook. It’s a lovely gift for your Francophile friends and anyone who loves to cook.

We’d love to know what you think of it, so please send a comment and I’ll answer you right away!

Bon apêtit!


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