• Where are the Martins?

    Happy New Year!
    We're having fun learning about our new hobby, RV'ing. I'll be telling you all about it soon.
    We kicked off 2017 with a cruise down Mexico's coast and in March we'll sail from Chile to Argentina around the tip of South America.
    In June we'll be in our beloved Paris.
    Stay tuned for more!

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Making Limónes Into Limónada

There we were, having a perfectly lovely time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, swanning around in our gorgeous rented hacienda, enjoying lovely Judith who came every day to lavish us with laughs and luscious lunches.  Our evenings were  spent with entertaining friends and our days filled with stimulating writing in …

The World at our friend Mary Rapp's studio in San Miguel de Allende


January 2012 As we strolled down a cobblestone street  in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,  earlier this week, Tim said, “Say, you …