• Where are the Martins?

    Come have a look at the Vacation Rental we built on California's lovely Central Coast. It might be just the spot for you to enjoy a glamorous, amorous weekend!

    Creekside Cottage

    We kicked off 2017 with a cruise down Mexico's coast and in March we'll sail from Chile to Argentina around the tip of South America.

    In June we'll be in our beloved Paris.
    Stay tuned for more!

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Listen to an excerpt below:

Bon Apétit – 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Tim and I are grateful for the joys that 2012 brought us, and especially for our new friends from all over the world!  The Wall Street Journal article, which was  published in October,  brought over 2600 new subscribers to this blog, and our correspondence with  you has …



Our evacuation dance is becoming more graceful.   Fewer bits turn up at the last minute, but  forgotten  shoes  peeking out from …