Random Travel Information

As we continue our home free life, moving every month or two, we gather more information that we think would be of use to fellow nomads.  This is truly a random list, and we’ll add to it as information comes to us.  If you’d like to comment, please do, and we’ll all help one another. We have absolutely no business connection with anyone we recommend.  These are simply services that we believe are excellent and will answer the particular needs of people on the move!



We get emails constantly asking us for information about this very important matter, and our personal insurance agent, Susan Polk, who has provided us with flawless service for almost twenty years, has agreed to personally help Home Free Adventure readers with advice about what plans would work best for them.  Here is the contact information:


[email protected]  Be sure to put “Travel” or “International Travel” in the subject line so she’ll know what it’s about.



Friends ask us all the time what we do about our mail.  In our case, it’s easy because my daughter Robin has kindly agreed to take it for us, providing us with a U.S. address and all that entails, like drivers’ licenses, voting, etc.  Now we have found a service that will do all of that for a nominal fee and even forward packages to you anywhere in the world.  I contacted them and it’s really TRUE!  They will scan the return addresses on mail every day and email them to you anywhere in the world.  Then, if you want them to open and look at it for you, they will do so, scan it, and send you the scan for $3.  WOW!



INSIDE PARIS INFO:   We have a couple of practical pieces of information for Paris visitors.

TAXI:  Taxi in Paris:  English speaking.  If the person who answers does not speak English, he/she will find someone who does and they will get you a taxi almost anywhere in Paris quickly!


DENTIST:  Here’s a winner!  An English speaking dentist whose office looks like an art museum.  He charges  60€ for the best teeth cleaning we’ve ever had, and I know from a good friend that he does other work beautifully, too:

Stéphane Brun, 28, rue Pierre Lescot, 75001 Paris. 0142366320 (phone). undenstisteaparis.com.



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