Going In Style

This post is in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures

If you’ve followed our Home Free Adventures or read Home Sweet Anywhere, you know that Tim and I are vociferous proponents of our Postpone Nothing mantra. So even if Warner Bros. had not asked me to tout their new movie, Going In Style, we would have found our way to enjoy some much-needed giggles at the local multiplex.

The film stars three of my favorites, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin and it promises to deliver plenty of laughs. Even the story line tickles me: three retired guys whose funds are suddenly cut off by big bank maneuvers risk it all by knocking off the very bank that did them in.

Now, that’s a funny idea, but more importantly, it demonstrates my long-held belief that those of us who are no longer young can still gear up to take on the world! Since seventy is the new fifty, we have many more years ahead of us to be effective people.

For instance, In the new political climate, I notice that seniors on both sides of the aisle are newly active in making their views known. Like the men in the film, we have become bolder, using our experience and vigor to make an impact on our world. This grandmother, who’s never been involved in politics, found her way to Washington to participate in the Women’s March in January! It was an exhilarating experience, and something I never dreamed I’d do in my mid-seventies.

I’m by no means the only older person one who’s feeling frisky. In the past couple of years, our Home Free Adventures family has grown to include hundreds of retirees who have opted to spend their retirement enjoying active, sometimes outrageously bold lifestyles. We hear from people every day who have opted for lifestyles that are very different from what they foresaw when they were younger. These inspiring letters come from people living out of suitcases in vacation rentals around the world, plying the oceans and canals on a boat, cruising in RV’s, volunteering in far-flung places, or relocating to France, Mexico, Ireland, Costa Rica or other exotic locations. I can hardly wait to open my mailbox every morning to see what inspiring new messages are there!

So, when you go to your picture palace to enjoy Going In Style with three antique bank robbers, remember that there’s a bigger message on that screen – vigorous, savvy older people are capable of just about anything!

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